and achieve them like a #BOSSLADY

Ready to take the suck out of success?

I truly believe that a solid support system has the power to move people to achieve greatness. Actually, I don’t just believe it, I know it, because I’ve experienced it myself. When a CEO has the right support, she’s inspired to take action, feels confident in growing her business, and can balance work and life without guilt.  

When you find the right help, it can be magical for you and your business. Like the kind of magic you feel when you summit a mountain. And if you think you haven’t summited a “mountain”, well, what about that time you started your own business or asked for that raise? High fives, you summited Courage Mountain!

You CAN have it all, but you just can’t DO it all. #amiright? [TWEET THAT]

That’s where I come in. What makes me an A+++ player is that I’m more than just a virtual assistant ﹘ I’m a business manager, social media strategist, human resources aficionado, trainer, coach and a friend with “life changing” benefits. 

Bonus: I love talking business and The Good Wife over a glass bottle of wine! Mmm, wine…

My zone of genius is helping women (and a few good men) summit their metaphorical mountains. Because in full disclosure – I’m addicted to helping awesome people take the suck out of success.

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I’m kind of a mind reader, so I know you were wondering what makes me such an awesome business BFF with life-changing benefits. Here are some highlights:

  • My favorite band is The Tragically Hip (short story: I saw Gord Downie in a park and was so starstruck I cried, then spied on him from the back seat of a car. Oi!) 
  • These are my favorite people and my favorite furry guy in the whole wide world.
  • If I didn’t fail grade 11 math, I would’ve been an astronaut.
  • My Fascinate Archetype is Intrigue and I have a biz lady crush on Sally Hogshead.
  • Yes! If an oil tycoon wanted to pay for me to Summit Mount Everest, I would.
  • I’m addicted to helping people achieve their goals. Some people run marathons; I run the Gauntlet of Goals.