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She’s Here!

She's Here! (2)

On Sunday, October 12th at 6:14am Abigail Francis Penton gracefully and quickly made her way into the world! The past 3 weeks with Abigail have been one hell of a roller coaster ride and needless to say the biggest learning curve of my life both emotionally, physically and spiritually. Just like that, the east wind [Keep reading...]

A Love Update

Melissa Blog

I’ve always tried to live my life in the moment, every day is a new day, be open to possibility and change, and because of this way of being, my life has become stretched at the seams with creativity and opportunity. But alas, I’ve reached a fork in the road and with one week left [Keep reading...]

Make Monday A Funday

Monday blog

Today is the first full week in September. For some that means the first Monday back-to-school or the first Monday back-to-work not on a summer schedule or in my case the last of a handful of Mondays to hustle at getting my big projects wrapped up so I can take some time off to immerse [Keep reading...]


trapped blog (1)

If there's one thing I know to be an absolute fact about goals it's that they change. As you learn, grow and change so do your goals. And that's what happened to me this year. Shortly after I wrote my PROJECT 32 GOALS I found out I was pregnant which meant my goals would change [Keep reading...]


trapped blog (2)

  I never thought I'd be okay with not being able to see my toes!  One minute, I’m minding my own business, creating and developing projects I worked on while at the Thrive Hive Live business retreat in Miami. The next, I’m staring at the double pink lines on a pregnancy stick. Goals change. You [Keep reading...]

Want Support? Here’s How To Get It.

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Six months ago, I had the 25th draft of my book "Take The Suck Out Of Success" sitting on my desk staring at me… day in and day out, it whispered my name. So I did what any normal procrastinating person would do, I piled more work on top of it so I couldn’t see [Keep reading...]

Are Your Goals Thriving or Sucking?

    It's the middle of the year, um...WTF. Do you need to revamp your goals? Maybe you need to stop and celebrate all the goals you have achieved? Maybe you need to keep going on the path you're on but you need a kick in the pants? I've made a short list of questions [Keep reading...]


I never thought in a million years I would run my own business. I always envisioned myself traveling overseas and teaching at awesome schools along the way. And I achieved that dream 7 years ago, when I traveled to Australia for my first teaching gig. It was so wonderful, getting to see places you only [Keep reading...]

Are You Making A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill?

Picture're walking down the street on a beautiful day, content, in your own little world, just getting from point A to point B, suddenly through the bobbing of heads weaving in and out in front of you see it...that familiar vest about 200 metres away. Ahhh! "Is it too late to turn around?" You [Keep reading...]

PEAK WISDOM – When you Least Expect It

Just launch into it...that's what I love about Kristin's Peak Wisdom story. She took some big risks leaving her corporate job, taking a year off, searching for the answer to that question that plagues so many of us -- "What should I do with my life?" Even though she thinks her answer came to her [Keep reading...]